When is a Good Time to Replace Your Futon Cover?

Contemporary Decor

Things wear out and people get bored. That is a part of life. Home decor suffers from this as well. We just get stuck with our look. This site looks at mixing it up a bit by using futon covers as a simple solution. Since you found us here, you probably already have a futon.

If your flexible spending budget is a little on the lighter side, but you still have that shopping bug, you are in luck. There couldn’t be a better time to shop for slipcovers for your futon. Think of this as a little “protective spending” or proactive spending.

Have you ever heard of preventative maintenance? Preventative healthcare? All right, then you know taking care of the things you want to keep makes sense. Using futon covers is a good idea in this regard. For the money (usually around $30 – 50 for a simple one) you can have protection and decor enhancement.

Think about what a new mattress or furniture set would cost. For waaay less, you can cover your futon and have money left over for new sheets or pillows. Plus, you will be saving that mattress from ending up in the landfill before its time. Oh, you planned on donating that futon, well, they will understand.

While you are at it, buy several different futon covers and push that ‘replacement date’ out even further. Mixing things up never felt so good. Spring is a great time for change. But, why wait? You could find a futon cover for each season or holiday time. You would probably have an easier time getting some simple color variations that you could change around.

What ever you do, do not ask your husband or boyfriend if you need to replace futon cover. If he doesn’t notice the floor or windows, chances are he doesn’t notice the futon cover. Ha! he will probably appreciate that something is different, but can’t tell what. Actually, this is what is so great about futon covers. It isn’t a bad idea to give your space a fresh new look. Have a new set of eyes come in to your space and give you some impressions.

You can have a good friend who knows your taste come in and do the job for you. Sometimes, they will get carried away and suggest more drastic furniture replacement ideas. That is fine. Just keep them focused on the futon covers and positioning of the futon in the room for now. They are there to help guide you in re-designing with the furniture you already have. Removal suggestions would be welcomed as they tend to de-clutter and open up a space. Hey, maybe those charities will get their stuff after all!

Another idea could be do have your friend – the mock interior designer – pick one option from among several design ideas that you like. That way, you will always get something you like. It would be kind of like a “The Price Is Right” showcase but with your own stuff. And, in the end, you don’t break the bank either.

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