The Right Size Futon Mattress For Your Living Space

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Size does matter when you are thinking about what size futon mattress to use in your home space. A sofa sleeper that is too large will make you feel cramped. Too big and you’ll feel lost in an empty space. You need to find that happy balance.

How do you find that happy medium between bed frame and mattress size? One place to start is with a professional designer. You could also search online more for various looks that appeal to you and match ideas and measurements. Or, you could have a friend play interior designer and give you their take on your space and ideas. There is no one way to go about it. In fact, sometimes, just the right orientation will make your seemingly odd-sized futon sofa bed seem like the perfect size.

The key goal is to make other points of interest in your space other than your futon. Unless you are in love with your bed and want all eyes on that thing of beauty you have created. If you have a great futon cover for example and you want to highlight it, then do so with accessories and visual elements. Many times a futon couch will be used in a living or entertainment space, while a futon mattress will be for more daily sleeping arrangements.

Will the size of the mattress affect your sleeping? How or who you sleep with is also a big factor. Twins and double beds are okay for single sleepers. You may want a queen if you tend to sprawl. If you have guests occasionally, you may be able to get by with a double as well. But, for couples or guests that you have stay for longer periods will appreciate a queen or even king size mattress.

Most master bedrooms have ample space for larger beds. A large bed in a small room is a problem. Sometimes, this can’t be totally avoided so you will have to get creative. I mean, try fitting a king size bed (typically 76 in.wide by 80 in. long) in a room that is only 10 feet (120 in. wide) and you will instantly notice the problem. If a move or remodel allows you to go up in size, changing the size of your futon mattress at this point could be the way to get that spark back in your relationship!

I would always recommend going for the largest bed possible for your space and needs. The idea of using a smaller bed in a larger space to give the idea of spaciousness sounds good on paper, but doesn’t pan out. Since you will be sleeping on this every night, don’t make this mistake. Go as large as possible with keeping balance. You don’t want to overpower your space. Kind of like closets, you can never have too big of one, can you?

As far as sofa-sleepers go, you can be more creative with these. If you have a lot of unannounced guests or have parties that are a little too rockin’, you will need to have a comfortable, yet functional futon couch. In this case, you can go smaller because people realize that it is short notice and you are really just providing a temporary solution for them.

You definitely don’t want to be worried about having some big sofa couch sitting there just so the occasional guest will be comfortable for one night. It just doesn’t make much sense in the long run. The key is to keep more small sized seating areas, not one large spot. One large sofa-sleeper will not enhance your room or make entertaining any easier.

So, if you have your friend help you, remember that you should allow them their freedom to pursue some different options outside you normal ideas. Keep in mind that you may not want things moved or critiqued, but this is the point. You need someone else to mix things up a bit. Proportion is key. You may or may not want to be present. However you go about it, keep in mind that you do have options with a futon mattress that allow much more flexibility than a traditional bed and box spring type set-up.

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