New Futon Types Available In The Market

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So you have decided to buy a futon? That’s great. Just to ensure that you have made the right decision, let’s go through these pointers –

When & Why Should You Use A Futon?

  • If you are looking for a space saver whether for your bed or a guest’s bed, futon is a great idea.
  • If you are looking for something convenient and convertible – seating place during day and bed at night
  • If you are looking for a trendy piece which looks perfect stylish during day and is absolutely comfortable at night

What Exactly In A Futon?

Futon originally came from Japan. In Japan, a futon simply meant a padded cotton mattress. Because there are space constraints problem over there, this mattress or futon got folded and kept away daytime. This gave them space to do more stuff and didn’t allow the futon which remained unused daytime to occupy any space. The Japanese use a straw mat flooring also known as a tatami mat below the futon. The new current adapted version has the futon or mattress being placed on top of frames made of either metal or wood and the furniture is made as a bed, couch or chair which can be folded and unfolded.

Different Types Of Futon Frames

Futon Frames are made of following materials – wood, metal and a combination of them. Wood brings to your room warmth, inviting feeling, and aesthetic look. Metal makes your room look more trendy classy stylish. While metal frames are cheaper and good on pocket, wooden frames are more sturdy and comfortable. The wooden frames are made from different types of wood – for example oak, pine, ash, rubber, teak, and mahogany etc. – soft and hard woods.

The futon frames come in two different varieties – bi-fold and tri-fold. Bi-fold is more in demand than the tri-fold one. This is because bi-fold frame needs to be folded only once. Tri-fold frame whereas, need to be folded twice. Because of this, bi-fold frames offer more sitting area and thus are more comfortable. Tri-fold frame on the other hand, gives lesser space to sit in, but also occupies lesser space.

Following are New Futon Types Available in the Market – 

    1. Wall-Huggers Usually when you unfold a futon frame to convert into a bed, you have to pull the frame wholly from the wall for expansion to happen. In a wall hugger, this is not needed. Regarding the question of how close should the wall hugger be to the wall, you have to check its tolerance levels. Within the wall hugger futon frame types; there are several different tolerance levels. This tolerance level determines whether and how close should your futon be to the wall. Zero tolerance means you can place it without any distance between the frame and the wall. Tolerance level between 1 and 4 means a considerable distance is required.
    2. Platform Beds While we call platform beds futons, these exactly aren’t convertible like most futons. A platform bed is nothing but wood slats or elevation created by use of wood to place mattress on top of it. This basically gives you the required and comfortable height. Platform beds are perfect for those who love a simple elegant no frills look. This kind of bed does not require a box spring.
    3. Click Clacks This one gives you three positions – you can use the same furniture piece as a sofa, as a lounger and as a bed as well. You do this with help of a metal hinge system. Every time you convert it from one piece/position to another, it makes a click clack sound. This is the reason this type of futon is called a Click Clack.

Futon Mattresses – Simple Buying Guidelines

Your futon mattress is the most important purchase that you can make. While frames are also important, you basically have to sleep on a mattress and hence this is the most important thing you might buy. While in futon sets, mattresses come along with frames, it is better to buy a mattress on your own of your choice and comfort. There is a whole lot of variety available in futon mattresses – right from material it is made of, different sizes, their firmness or softness. When buying your mattress, keep in mind that you won’t be buying a futon mattress again for a long time. A mattress can stay with you for decade and more. And hence more than price, you should look for a mattress which you love.

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