Futon Maintenance

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Being a mother of four fairly active (I will not call them wild) children, things tend to get used/abused very well in our home. Without even trying, kids can really damage almost anything they get their sweet little hands on. Before you know it, something is broken, soiled, or just a little cock eyed.

With the purchase of new furniture you are probably just like me, in the beginning you don’t want anyone to sit on it, let alone have a drink on it. Then time goes by and it becomes a part of the home. A sofa is the place you dig in to find lost keys, toy parts, and the occasional snack your child left behind. It starts to wear down and become “old” furniture. Now how do we prolong that process? I am going to provide you with a couple of helpful hints. The strategies I am providing are specifically directed towards the care and maintenance of futons.

To prolong the life and most importantly the comfort of your futon’s mattress, here are a couple tips from the professionals. First of all keep your mattress clean and dry. We recommend placing a quality, washable mattress protector over the mattress when it is being used as a bed. We also recommend a Futon cover on the mattress when it is used as a sofa. I know easier said than done on keeping it clean and dry, especially with little ones.

The mattress protector is a great investment though much more cost effective than having to replace the mattress. Now for a much easier tip. Do not always sit in one place, move along the mattress so you do not wear out one spot. Also just like any pillow, the filling in the mattress will settle over time and makes the mattress firm. To avoid that fluff up the mattress by turning or flipping it weekly.

On to the cleaning portion of your futon maintenance. I highly recommend a futon cover. They are removable, and can be cleaned in cold water. Just like any spill, treat it as soon as possible. Soak up any liquid from the fabric, and then apply a recommended cleaning agent to remove the spill. Do not use laundry detergent or scrub with a brush. That method is too harsh for the fabric. Many stains can be removed by simply using a paste of baking soda and water. Apply your mixture to the stained area let it dry, then wipe or vacuum it off.

Owning a futon could not get any more convenient or maintenance free than that! With everything that life throws at busy moms and dads, taking care of a futon should not enter into the equation. Simple care for prolonged furniture life.

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