A Cheap Futon Bunk Bed Is Perfect

Contemporary Decor

I had no idea that there was such a thing as a futon bunk bed. A futon bunk bed, what will they think of next? I wish I had known about this before because I would have bought one of those cheap futons for my son years ago when he was younger. Benjamin used to have friends stay over every weekend and I think that futon beds would have been put to good use at his apartment.

Benjamin used to have a regular futon bed because his room was a bit on the smaller side, but I really think that a futon bunk bed would have really made him and his friends much more comfortable. Instead, Benjamin or one of his friends would sleep on the floor and we all know that it can never be as comfortable sleeping on a floor when you could sleep on even any random cheap futons for that matter.

I really wish that I knew about these before because it would have been so much easier back then. It would have helped him when he was doing his school work too because he could do his work on the futon couch and then climb up to go to bed when it was bed time.

There were so many nights that he would fall asleep on the futon couch, and I know that it couldn’t have been comfortable for him, but I guess that he was too exhausted to set up the bed poor little guy.

The futon bunk bed that I was looking at is pretty handsome too. Cheap futons get a bad wrap as being ugly and cheap beds, but if you are willing to pay some good money then you can get a bed that not only looks good, but also is comfortable.

People will buy cheap futons for a hundred bucks and then complain that they aren’t comfortable. Really? What do you expect for a hundred bucks anyways? Of course, they aren’t going to be as comfortable as a five hundred dollar bed, but if you spend more than a hundred bucks then you can find really nice futons for sale.

Futon bunk beds are a great idea, especially if you have two boys sharing a room because space will certainly be an issue. Futons are a great invention, and I think that the notion has been taken a step further with the amazing idea of inventing a futon bunk bed.

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